International Policy & Cooperations

GCSEC will promote the exchange of information between public and private bodies on the Cyber Security matters and culture, bringing Italian skills and experience to collaborative and cooperative projects also at the bilateral level; providing specialized support to the government and businesses for the definition of national and international Regulations, Strategies and Standards; promoting applied research with other national and international centers of excellence and institutions (e.g the European Crime Task Force – ECTF). GCSEC will host events; conferences; workshops and roundtable to facilitate the information exchange and to build strong relationships between the stakeholders. It will also diffuse awareness on cyber security through publications, newsletter and new media tools.


NATO Advanced Research Workshop “Best Practices For Computer Network Defence: Incident Detection and Response” (Geneve 11-13 September 2013) The Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) entitled, “Best Practices in Computer Network Defense (CND): Incident Detection & Response” was ... Read More

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